Dr. Kirtyraya S Mane

D Ortho, MS Ortho

Ortho Spine Surgeon

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Dr. Kirtyraya S Mane

Ortho Spine Surgeon

Dr. Kirtyraya S Mane is an Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon at Lakeview Hospital Belgaum who has been performing a variety of orthopedic and spine surgeries for 15 years. He received his MBBS from RGUHS Karnataka in 2005, D(orthopedics) from RGUHS Karnataka in 2008, and orthopedic and spine surgery from RGUHS Karnataka in 2008. He has been working in the BHS Lakview Hospitals Spine Surgery Department since 2014.

His extensive experience in the area of spine and orthopedic surgery has made him one of the best spine surgeons in Belgaum, Karnataka. He is known for his expertise in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of spinal disorders. He is also renowned for his thoroughness, attention to detail, and compassionate bedside manner. He has a proven track record of successful operations and satisfied patients.

Dr. Kirtyraya S Mane is an experienced Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon specializing in the treatment of a variety of orthopedic and spinal Treatments.

Orthopedic Treatments

1. Total joint replacement
2. Arthroscopy
3. Osteotomy
4. Soft tissue repair
5. Fracture repair
6. Knee arthroplasty
7. Ligament reconstruction
8. Dislocation reduction
9. Tendon repair
10. Joint replacement
11. Joint mobilization
12. Cartilage repair
13. Amputation
14. Orthotic devices
15. Splinting
16. Physical therapy
17. Pain management
18. Post-surgery rehabilitation

Spine Surgery Trearments

1. Spinal Fusion
2. Laminectomy
3. Discectomy
4. Foraminotomy
5. Vertebroplasty
6. Kyphoplasty
7. Microdiscectomy
8. Spinal Decompression
9. Spinal Instrumentation
10. Spinal Reconstruction

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