Dr. Rahul Didagouda Desai


Pain Specialist

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Dr. Rahul Desai

Pain Specialist

Dr. Rahul Didagouda Desai is a renowned pain doctor at Lakeview Hospital Belgaum, having served in the field since 2010. He is a highly qualified professional, having completed his MBBS, ME, FCCP, and FIPM from Rajiv Gandhi University Bangalore in 2004. Dr. Desai has extensive experience in the pain clinic, having worked at Tata Hospital Mumbai and presently working at BHS Lakview Hospitals Pediatrics pain clinic since 2010.

Dr. Desai is widely considered one of the best pain doctors in Belgaum Karnataka, having also achieved specialised certification in Critical Care Physicians from KLE University Belgaum in 2009 and Super Speciality of Critical Care from the USA in 2014. His expertise and experience in the field is renowned, and he is highly regarded for his dedication and commitment to providing quality care to his patients.


1. Arthritis
2. Fibromyalgia
3. Sciatica
4. Neuropathy
5. Tendinitis
6. Spinal stenosis
7. Complex regional pain syndrome


1. Physical therapy
2. Medication management
3. Acupuncture
4. Massage therapy
5. Trigger point injections
6. Occupational therapy
7. Chiropractic care
8. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
9. Heat and cold therapy
10. Radiofrequency ablation
11. Spinal cord stimulation
12. Psychological counseling
13. Hypnosis